ICT Remarketing

ICT Remarketing

Data Security, Our Priority

We keep your secrets, secret.

In times of constant threats to data security the pressure is greater than ever before to protect corporate confidential and personal information on all types of data bearing devices.

Data sanitization is the most important process of any IT asset disposition program.

Each PC, notebook, server or mobile device that will be retired and removed from the corporate network is a potential security risk. The disposition of technology assets can be risky and complex, that’s why many companies trust us to manage the disposition of their IT assets.

ICT-Remarketing works with world’s leading erasure software to ensure all data is destroyed in compliance with all national and international legislations. Our certified erasure software is approved by governments and authorities and exceeds the highest security, erasure and auditing standards defined by:


  • BSI


  • NATO

All erasure processes exceeds the stringent standards:

  • HMG Infosec no. 5

  • NIST SP 800-18


ICT-Remarketing is continuous implementing the latest sanitization methods to guarantee our customers a secure erasure and supporting the latest technologies like SSD, mobile devices and maximize the residual value. All types of devices are sorted in function of their unique erasure requirements for the highest level of security and quality.

Detailed tamper-proof reporting:

After completion of the sanitization process, the software automatically generates a full detailed report with the erasure result and hardware information for each individual asset. This ensures all corporate and personal data is 100 percent overwritten and your corporate reputation is protected.

Onsite data erasure:

Risk sensitive organisations require customized solutions for maximum security. All our erasure methods are accessible on-site at our customer’s premises before the assets leave the customers location. For secure logistics we can offer point-to-point transportation and lockable containers.

Solid State Drives (SSD):

These drives require a specific erasure process to ensure all data is secure and successful sanitized/destroyed. ADISA
ICT-Remarketing can successful erase these devices and uncover the maximum value.

Mobile devices:

Are much faster retired than other devices.
More and more data is stored on smartphones and tablets. These devices require a specific treatment to ensure all personal and corporate data is securely erased. ICT-Remarketing provides the latest erasure methods for mobile devices and supports iOS, Android, Symbian and Blackberry (Windows)? In compliance with regulations set by TÜV - SÜD.

Physical destruction:

Inoperative data bearing devices are being destroyed in our facilities before they are being recycled.

ICT-Remarketing’s comprehensive solutions are designed to eliminate data security risks and protect your corporate reputation. We provide unique solutions for each project that are built on our customers requirements in accordance with all security and environmental legislations, even on short notice

Our erasure methods are applicable on all systems that contain data.

  • Computing

  • Servers and storage

  • Smartphones and Tablets (Mobile devices)

  • Printers

  • USB sticks

Once the erasure process is completed, no existing technology can recover the sanitized data.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Certified data erasure

  • Onsite data erasure services

  • Detailled documentation of data erasure

  • Comprehensive and flexible solutions for each project


We aim on remarketing and reuse to retain maximum value return (maximized residual value) for all devices. Once data is successfully sanitized, assets may be remarketed through our multi channel global network.

We assist you to choose the safest erasure method, that suits your needs.

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