ICT Remarketing

ICT Remarketing

Simplified End-Of-Lease Returns - Maximum Return On Investment Simplified End-Of-Lease Returns - Maximum Return On Investment Simplified End-Of-Lease Returns - Maximum Return On Investment

IT Asset Disposition Solutions for Lessors

ICT-Remarketing provides IT Asset Recovery and IT Asset Disposition solutions for lessors to simplify the return processes and maximize the value of off-lease IT equipment which increases the revenue for our partners.

Our years of experience with leasing companies provide quick and flexible end of lease assistance with a wide range of requirements:

  • Secure logistics

  • Data erasure/Sanitization/Destruction

  • Hardware testing and repair

  • Accurate and full detail auditing on each individual asset

  • Maximum value recovery by remarketing

  • Responsible recycling

Return on Investment:

ICT-Remarketing’s global resale network is dedicated to maximize the residual value for retired technology assets.
Partnering with ICT-Remarketing means Easy to Manage end of lease returns, eliminating data and environmental risks and reduce asset return costs. This improves and strengthen your client relationships while maximizing the ROI.

Simplified logistics:

ICT-Remarketing simplifies the entire end-of-lease process, ensures secure logistics, eliminates data breaches, this strengthen client relationships and increase profits for our partners. If desired we offer just-in-time rollback, adjusted on the rollout of new IT Assets.

Certified Data Erasure:

ICT-Remarketing’s erasure software meets and exceeds all international regulations for secure and certified data destruction and is applicable on every data bearing device, pc, laptop, printer, server, storage, mobile devices and Solid State Drives (SSD).
The automatic generated report contains all credential information about the erasure process and the erased asset. Our controlled and secure data erasure process guarantees your customer data and your corporate reputation is protected.

Inoperative storage devices are being physically destroyed in our facilities, before they will be recycled.
For maximum security we offer onsite data erasure services.

Detailed reporting:

Our comprehensive audits contain full detailed information for each individual asset and provide all information needed for a settlement, functional grade, certificates of data destruction, and net value that will be returned.  100% transparent and traceable


ICT-Remarketing focuses on reuse and remarketing, the most environment friendly solution. We only recycle equipment that can no longer be reused. We collaborate with organizations specialized in recycling E-waste, according the WEEE guidelines/regulations. Together with our partner we help reducing the carbon footprint, ensuring no e-waste ends up in landfills, and make the difference to the environment.


ICT-Remarketing works co-operate with leasing and financial institutions to provide quick, easy to manage off lease solutions.

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