ICT Remarketing

ICT Remarketing

ITAD Solutions for Enterprises ITAD Solutions for Enterprises ITAD Solutions for Enterprises

IT Asset Disposition Solutions for Enterprises

Each enterprise that uses technology has to deal with the complexity and risks of disposing IT assets after its usefull life has expired. ICT-Remarketing provides safe and environmentally friendly solutions to extend the usefull life by remarketing and offering the maximum Return On Investment (ROI) to our customer.

Every device such as computer, notebook, server, storage system and mobile devices are a potential data security risk. Our complete IT Asset Disposition solutions eliminates all these risks and hazards. Once you are ready to retire IT Assets we take over the process and ensure that remarketing and reuse value is maximized. We schedule a date and time and send our expertised team to remove, package and transport your end-of-life assets to our facilities. If desired we provide “just-in-time” collection adjusted to the delivery of your new hardware.

Secure logistics:

We provide a wide and flexible range of logistic solutions to ensure a secure transport optimized for your needs, while protecting you from unnecessary risks and expenses.

Data Security:

This is the most important step in the entire ITAD process. ICT-Remarketing ensures that all devices containing confidential data are sanitized safely and properly according to global security regulations. Drives or devices that cannot be sanitized are being destroyed physically to prevent data breaches.

Remarketing and Reuse:

ICT-Remarketing’s expertise in IT lifecycle management enables us to extract the maximum residual value through our multi-channel remarketing network on a global scale.


ICT-Remarketing handles all materials in compliance to national and international environmental standards as defined by WEEE directive, to reduce the ecological impact and creating new raw materials for tomorrow. Ensuring no e-waste ends up in landfills.


From logistics to data destruction and recycling each step of the ITAD process is traceable on individual asset level.

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