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Secure Data Erasure

  ICT-Remarketing   06/04/2017

Data is the new Gold.

When you retire your corporate legacy assets it is important to choose the right erasure method and of course the right partner. ICT-Remarketing guide their customers from request to Remarketing and beyond to choose the most secure data erasure method to reduce costs and eliminate risks. 
We use the industry leading software based erasure method to ensure each data bearing device is 100% free of corporate data and ready for reuse.

There are many different storage technologies and each technologie requires a specific threatment, for example:

  • The erasure method for an Solid State Drive (SSD) is completely different than with a traditional hard drive.

  • Mobile devices requires an even more specific threatment to ensure all confidential data is securely erased and the asset can be remarketed safely.


Sometimes it is possible that a software based erasure is not possible due to failure of the hard drive, in this case there is only one safe solution: Destroying the drive physically!
There are different approaches for physical destruction:
- Manual 
- Schredding
- Degaussing (Destroying through magnetic waves)

We are sceptic on the degaussing method because a standard hard drive is actually a Faraday Cage. This method has been tested and approved to be 100% secure but...
We all know that magnetic waves reflects on a Faraday Cage and not go through, plus magnetic fields or waves have also an impact on a human beiing and is not yet tested on a long term to ensure the method is safe for our employees.

Our method for physical destruction is 100% safe for your data and our people. Each serial number is captured and will be physical destroyed before leaving our facility, then we transport them in secure and locked containers to our recycling partner.

ICT-Remarketing is a Social Responsible & Durable company so our first approach is always a software based erasure to maximize the residual value and keep the original asset for remarketing.

The Certificate of Erasure.

Data erasure or destruction is never safe without a proof of the erasure process. We provide a full detailled certificate which is automatically generated. This report contains all crucial information for a 100% tamper-proof audit trail.

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